February Featured Local Artist of the Month- Shy


Stop into the shop this month to admire and/or purchase work by Shy!


 I needed to escape the negativity and heartbreak of life so when I was four years old I started creating a world named “Interworld” in my head that became my safe haven and ultimately the subject of my art practice for the past eight years. Along side creating a world I also created characters that live with in it. The main character is named “Shy” and he was the very first character I created. He and all of his other friends are put into difficult situations that mimic the kind of situations I have experienced in real time and space. Each of my pieces has a hidden narrative behind them but I am not interested in telling the stories out right to my viewers.

My work is greatly influenced by my long career as a graffiti artist in Baltimore, Maryland. I continue to incorporate techniques and tools that I have used for so many years as a graffiti artist to stay in touch with my roots. Some examples of the tools and techniques that I continue to incorporate into my artwork are dark bold outline and spray-paint alongside handle styled lettering.

​ My main goal of painting or drawing this world is more for entertainment than anything. Since I am not interested in telling the stories behind my work I do not consider myself a story teller instead I want to take my viewers to a new place even for a second. I want them to forget about all the bullshit in life and just enjoy what’s in front of them because that’s what creating this world does for me.

​I recently adopted “Shy” as an artist alter ego about a year ago. He takes my place when I am faced with situation I myself am not comfortable with in life. He attends gallery openings, formal events and many other occasions! He is still a work in progress!

IG: @interworldart


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