December Featured Local Artist of the Month – Katie Elwes

Stop by the shop starting December 5th to purchase and/or enjoy works by Katie Elwes.  

Meet Katie!

From the islands of Bermuda, Katie Ewles is a multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for the old and the new; the traditional and the popular. Primarily a musician, Katie moved to the Baltimore area in 2013 to pursue her career as a classical composer, songwriter, jazz pianist, and vocalist at the Peabody Conservatory. Since, she has become much more involved with her appetite for the visual arts (particularly painting, and charcoal/ink drawings), and has had her work displayed and sold, both in the United States, and overseas.

For Katie, being an artist in the 21st century means actively engaging with synergy between Art forms and styles, as well as collaborating with other artists. Through this approach, Katie strives to create work that is simultaneously intimate and universal, sophisticated and adventurous, and has the potential to be thought-provoking, captivating, and memorable to a wide-range of audiences.

Katie’s recent work has been largely inspired by curiosity in the big and small, and with social politics, particularly race and gender. Through color, she aims to explore the beauty of diversity, and the power of the individual within larger society. Her breadth of experience with both traditional and modern Art and Music has certainly informed her artistic style, which she often describes in one word: resourceful. Katie often aims to limit her resources (whether physical materials, influences, ideas, structures, etc.) in an effort to produce work that is more self-informed and self-aware. In this sense, by limiting resources, the potential of selected and available resources is more thoroughly explored (for example, only using one color allows the artist to explore the qualities and variations of that one color much more intimately, than if they were working with multiple colors). Katie believes this minimalistic approach often leads to an implied universality in her work: leaving room for viewers to read-between-the-lines and engage personally with the work, while simultaneously providing ‘common-ground’ that serves as a catalyst, allowing viewers to draw parallels between their own experience and the experiences of others.


To learn more about Katie, and see more of her work, please visit



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