November Featured Local Artist- Serenity Smith

Stop by the shop in November to view works by local artist – Serenity Smith!
All pieces are available for sale or merely appreciation.  

Meet Serenity!

Serenity is a 25 year old independent artist, working mostly in Maryland and New York. She graduated from Towson University in 2013 where she studied painting, drawing, and printmaking. Today she occupies most of her time by traveling, learning, and making art.

“This is going to sound really vain, but all of these paintings are about me. Now that you know this, I must also let you know that they are equally about you. If we are all reflections of one another, then I know that everytime I paint a picture of someone I am also revealing something about myself. My process is very personal, and I have a real connection to every piece I create. These are visual manifestations of ideas that are swirling around in my mind, and I am so happy to share them. I’d like to think that my style is constantly evolving, as I find new ways to express ideas. Currently my style is leaning towards Afro psycho surrealism (I made that up). As my work changes, the female figure as a favorite subject remains a constant. I like to create pieces that force people to think and ask questions, but also things that people can relate to. I have also included two abstract pieces by my artist friend SmileyTheRager. Working with him has helped me to introduce some abstract elements into my paintings, and I have found that artistically we create a nice balance together. I am so very in love with, and fascinated by this thing called life, and more than anything I hope that transcends through my artwork.”


IG @8erenity


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